Winter Percussion pushes sound to The Edge

John Andretsos

Winter Percussion pushes sound to The Edge

Zach Salazar, Staff Writer

Aurelia Marks she’s in 12th grade and she is 17, she plays the flute, Marks is looking forward to competitions for this season. When she is in band she really enjoys the environment and the interactions that you can have in different teams.

A big show that Marks is excited about is called The Edge. Marks was explaining that the show is about pushing boundaries and testing what you can do on The Edge of sound, “So it’s playing with the noises that we can make and everything like that.” “pretty much just having something creative in your life that you enjoy whether it’s art or anything like that for me,” said Marks. Marks found music to be something that truly inspires her and that she wants to continue playing in college,

Marks doesn’t fully know what she wants to do, but had always really liked music like since she was a child. She went to middle school to get into band.  When Marks went into band and it was just so much better than she imagine. She intends to at least continue it through college. Marks would love to continue it as a hobby throughout life but we have to see what happens in the world.