Fossil Ridge’s stars are recognized at the Bobby G Awards


Rachel Ann Olsen

The Bobby G Awards encapsulate all high school musical theatre programs throughout Colorado to celebrate and award both Colorado students and educators.

Sophie Webb, Social Chair, Social Media Manager

Last night on Thursday, May 18, Bobby G Awards were presented at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House, and in the nominations were none other than students and teachers from Fossil Ridge High School. 

Bobby G Awards are a highly prestigious award presented to high school members, a fancy red carpet event that several people from Fossil were able to attend. With no surprise, Fossil brought home multiple awards. 

Nominations for the events were: 

Outstanding Achievement in Lighting Design: Lucas Bean & Jemma Wayne, Bright Star, Fossil Ridge High School 

Outstanding Performance by an Orchestra: Fossil Ridge High School, Bright Star 

Outstanding Performance in a Leading Role: Cooper Hand (Billy Cane), Bright Star, Fossil Ridge High School

Outstanding Overall Production of a Musical: Fossil Ridge High School, Bright Star

The cast of this year’s musical, Bright Star, all stand together on the red carpet, celebrating their nominations and enjoying the fantastic evening. (Seth Pickett)

A special shoutout to all these students and the production team itself, Bright Star was a wonderful musical that many students enjoyed. For a more in-depth look at the spring musical, visit Bright Star takes the stage

Now for the stars of the night, those who won from Fossil are the following: 

Outstanding Achievement in Musical Direction:

Bri McCormick & Nate Wambolt, Bright Star, Fossil Ridge High School

Outstanding Performance in a Leading Role:

Camille Nugent (Alice Murphy), Bright Star, Fossil Ridge High School

Nugent has been a star throughout her years at Fossil, recognized by many, including Etched in Stone. To get more history on her love of theater and the arts, read her recent feature Camille Nugent’s propinquus connection to theater

Alongside Nugent winning an award is none other than the spectacular teacher, Bri McCormick. Through dedication and hard work she was able to win an award alongside Nate Wambolt, together running both the pit and vocals. 

“I was up against some really amazing music teachers throughout the state so it was a big honor to be considered the top for this year,” McCormick explains. 

Through her seven years as music director, she learned to grow connections with her students. “Just watching the culture of our students change in the sense of them understanding me as a director and me understanding them and working towards excellence together,” McCormick states. 

The Fossil community cannot be more proud of these hard workers and we can only hope this streak of excellency continues.

The crew for Bright Star showing up at the Bobby G Awards, all putting together high-quality and fashionable outfits. (Seth Pickett)