Radium Girls cast announced


Macy Fowler

The cast of the fall play, Radium Girls, was announced on Monday, September 11. Radium Girls is a performance set around World War 1, showing the lives of women who worked in factories that produced a glow in the dark watch.


The cast is as follows, in order of appearance:


Grace                                             Abby Meyer

Kathryn                                           Olivia Zadkovic

Harriet/Board #2/ Society Woman/Shopgirl      Avree Linne

Irene/Clerk/Elderly Widow       Marin Stumpf

Wiley/MacNeil                              Amelia Overholt

Mrs. Roeder/Fryer                       Jordan Hughes

Madame Curie/Customer/Board #1        Hope Daly

Sob Sister                                        Megan Bean

Berry/Venecine Salesman           Nic Rhodes

Mr. Roeder                                      Austin Hand

Reporter                                           Travis Turner

Tom/Board #1/Lovesick Cowboy       Will Martella

Markley/Flinn/Photographer       Lucas Feuer

Von Sochocky/Bailey/Board #3   Grant DeLuca

Lee/Male Shopper                           Parker Bennett

Knef/Martland /Court/Store Owner    Tom Houser


Grant Deluca, who will be playing Von Sochocky/Bailey/Board #3, was so excited to see the cast list, “the cast list is very well thought out and this cast has some of the most talented Fossil theatre. I’m honored to work together with the people to make a great show!” Megan Bean, who will be playing Sob Sister, was equally excited as Deluca. “It’s an amazing cast and it’s already been so much fun to work with all of these talented and passionate actors.”