Knowledge Bowl wins third consecutive meet


Karen Manley

On Saturday, December 16, Fossil Ridge High School’s Knowledge Bowl teams competed for the third time this season. A Team took first place in all three competitions and Fossil remained in the top place throughout, after taking first in the written rounds.

Knowledge Bowl is composed of five rounds, one written and four oral. The written round has one hundred questions, answered as a team of four. Based on the scores from that written test, teams are places into rooms with the two teams whose scores are closest to their’s.

From there, they are asked fifty questions in an oral round, and face off against the other teams in the room. Questions can be on any topic from Australian Authors to Area of Circles. All team members are given a buzzer and the first team to buzz in must select a student to answer. No collaboration between team members is allowed.

After each round, scores are recounted and teams move up or down in room number.  Fossil’s A team not only remained in the top room, but in the number one spot for the entirety of Saturday’s competition.

“It feels great, it’s really good to know that your efforts as a team paid off and all those hours of hard work after school finally got us to win a meet,” said A Team member Ryan Yu.