Knowledge Bowl finishes off the year strong in national competition


K. Rude

The 2021-2022 Knowledge Bowl team.

Bruna Horvath, Staff Writer

While many Fossil Ridge High School students were preparing to dance the night away at Prom, Knowledge Bowl students spent the morning of May 7 competing in a national competition. After countless days full of studying, practicing, and competing, Knowledge Bowl was thrilled to be able to, once again, claim the national championship title.

At the national competition, Knowledge Bowl competed with teams of students from high schools in Idaho, Minnesota, and Colorado. Even with high schools from other states competing, Kaitlyn Corcoran, one of the teacher sponsors, says that Fossil’s biggest competition this year was Grand Junction High School and Liberty High School. Knowledge Bowl was leading in points up into the final rounds, and won the national competition by 17 points against Liberty High School.

Results from the Knowledge Bowl national competition. (K. Corcoran)

Even with all the stress leading up to and during the competition, Corcoran says that the students support each other through all the hardships and celebrate each other’s victories.

“They put so much pressure on themselves to be the best and not miss a single question. But even though they’re really hard on themselves, they are so supportive of each other and are constantly building each other [up]…there’s constant joy and laughter when we’re practicing.” said Corcoran.

Sadly, because of the large population of seniors in Knowledge Bowl, they will lose a lot of players in the upcoming year. For people who may be interested in participating in Knowledge Bowl next year, Corcoran explains that, “It’s really just students coming together and sharing their knowledge and their joy of learning in a competitive format, if you don’t feel like you are that knowledgeable in an area but you want to get better, we have so much to help you and it’s not just sitting with your nose in a book.” said Corcoran.

With all the successes that this year’s Knowledge Bowl team has had, Corcoran wishes to express her gratitude for her club members, “They’ve been going for months on this and, obviously, the hard work has paid off. They’re just such a great group of students that should be incredibly proud of themselves.” finished Corcoran.