Nick Randall’s Journey to the Top


Mac Busteed, Staff Writer

It has become pretty normal this season to see the Fossil Ridge High School basketball team blowing out teams by thirty, or forty-plus points. A lot of that has to do with senior superstar Nick Randall, who has led the team to a 10-1 record so far. Randall, the 6’7 senior, is putting up 24.3 points per game along with 9.7 rebounds and 2.5 assists so far in his excellent senior season campaign. 

However, Randall hasn’t always been the superstar of his team. In fact, basketball wasn’t even his favorite sport for quite some time. Growing up, he had always played baseball as well as basketball. Randall says, “I used to not be as good as now,” and it wasn’t until a growth spurt hit him that he really started to enjoy basketball.

Although Randall’s height has had a large impact on his development, as a basketball player it still hasn’t come easy for him. It has been a lot of hard work and many unseen hours in the gym. He states “I just worked on my game. I practice a lot with my brother and dad,” Along with that, Randall credits the upperclassman when he was a freshman and sophomore for a lot of his growth. “The upperclassmen just teaching us, teaching me, how to play in the post and how to be a leader. Just learning from them that really helped”. 

Randall’s improvement and skills have not gone unnoticed. As a junior, he was named first-team all-conference and second-team all-state. This year he is widely regarded as a favorite for player of the year in the state of Colorado. College teams have also started to take notice. He has already picked up two college scholarship offers from Colorado State University at Pueblo and the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. He is also talking to a multitude of other schools. “I just want to play D1. That’s my dream. And you know, I’ll strive to do that,” says Randall.

While both of his current offers are from Division two schools, it’s still a blessing for him to have the opportunity to play college basketball. He will continue working toward achieving his dream of playing Division one basketball. 

“I also want to win a state championship,” says Randall. That is how he hopes to round out his stellar high school career. After coming so close last season, where he helped lead Fossil to a runner-up finish and a loss in the state championship. He hopes to bring Fossil back this season but this time coming home with the trophy.