Honestly: Everyone should go to more girls basketball games


Senior guard Natatlie Lin driving with the ball in a game against Broomfield.

Dylan Heinrich, Sports Editor

On Thursday, January 5, the Fossil Ridge girls basketball team competed in an overtime thriller against Grandview, the defending state champions. However the team fell just short, losing by a single point. 

One key factor that makes a difference is a strong home crowd. For ninety percent of the game, there was no student section whatsoever. That was until the boys basketball team joined the stands, injecting a new wave of life into the game. 

Attendance from students has been a continuous issue with girls basketball, which was addressed in a staff editorial last year. But almost a year on from the article, the issues still remain. Fossil students remain noticeably absent from the girls basketball, regardless of day, time, or opponent. 

However, I hope that we can change this trend collectively as a school. This Friday night, Fossil Ridge will take on Monarch, the third ranked team in the state. 

Last season Monarch beat Fossil in the regular season which made the difference in the conference championship race, but the Sabercats bounced back and won the rematch during the playoffs.  

Both teams are coming into the game still undefeated in conference play, once again making this a crucial matchup on the calendar. In addition, the Athletic Department along with Poudre School District have been kind enough to make entry free for all Fossil students, removing any cost attached to the game. Plus, free rally towels will be handed out to each student, adding another incentive for heading to the game.

I urge everyone to show up and support the team this Friday as this will likely be the most competitive basketball game at Fossil Ridge all year. 

If you have any interest in basketball, or just want to support the players, cheerleaders, or band, show up and have a blast.