Bored and Hungry: WONDER is a must see family movie

Photo Credit: The Colli

Photo Credit: The Colli

Abby Bordewick

Based on the New York Times bestseller book, WONDER by Raquel Jaramillo was made into an inspiring and heart throbbing movie. Auggie Pullman, was born with his face being deformed which had kept him at home his entire life. He was being home schooled by his mother until it was time to go to middle school. In this movie he has to overcome his fear of always being hidden and from talking to people he has never met before. Throughout Auggies journey he learns what true friendship is and how to be comfortable with who he is.

This is a great film to watch as a family. It teaches key skills when put in uncomfortable situations and how to be the best possible version of yourself. WONDER is told from Auggie’s perspective and show his journey growing up with a facial disorder. When his parents encourage him to attend middle school at Beecher Prep, he meets a boy named Jack Will who helps him get settled in while going to a public school. Throughout the movie Auggie has to face people who bully him for his appearance. Kids are talking about him behind his back and whenever he walks in the hall people stop talking and stare at him.

Via, Auggie’s older sister is introduced as a quiet but very intelligent young girl. At the begging of the movie she feels as though her parents lives revolve around what her younger brother is doing and never have time for her. To jump out of her comfort zone she decided to sign up for her school play.From feeling neglected by her family, she decides to tell her mom about the play the day before opening night. After her family attends the play she become closer and more open with her parents and Auggie. Via helps Auggie by always having his back and being supportive of whatever Auggie chooses to do.

At the end of the movie Auggie realizes his appearance isn’t what defines him, it’s how he treats other people and how he can make a difference. With receiving and 85% from Rotten Tomatoes, this is a must see family movie. Not only is it comical and captivating, it will have you smiling and whipping tears from your eyes at the same time.