Pico de gallo and salsa dancing at the Rio Grande


Ryan Clark and Aislynn Fehlberg dance after the lesson

Every Tuesday starting at 7:30  PM is an opportunity to salsa dance at the Rio Grande Restaurant upstairs in the Agave Room for $10. All ages are welcome to join in and learn how to dance. It is fairly easy to pick up, and the instructors are very kind and willing to take it slow.

At 7:30 is when the lessons start, where instructors will teach beginners salsa to everyone, even if you have two left feet. Here, you separate between the leads and the follows, and the instructors teach basic steps and some fun additives. Then, they will have the dancers pair off and put everything together. This creates a very inclusive learning environment.

At 8:30 is when the open dancing starts. If you are more experienced, one can show up later for the open floor dancing. This is where you can partner up with anyone in the room and dance the night away. Most people switch partners between songs, but there are many couples who go together and stay with each other for the night. You can leave at any time, but most people stay for a couple of hours.

 On the second Tuesday of every month, there will be a live band to accompany the dancing, and they play a range of music from older, more traditional tunes to more modern songs like “Fireball” by Pitbull. Most songs are very easy to dance to, and if you get worn out, there is a jug of water and a bunch of cups so you can rehydrate.

Aislynn Fehlberg, a senior and dancer of 15 years commented, “it was so fun! I got to meet new people and learn new moves. It was cool to see other dancers doing different turns or lifts. I loved learning those new steps with different people.”

If you are interested in learning some new steps, make sure to stop on by. There is something fun and interesting for everyone involved. If you end up disliking the dancing, head downstairs for top notch Mexican food.