Sabercat Stories: Gina Curtis


Gina enjoying her time during last summer

Kelly Colanto

Gina Curtis is a ninth grader and middle hitter on Fossil Ridge High School’s freshman volleyball team, and she is currently committed to playing volleyball for a very competitive team, NORCO Blue. Her inspiration to play volleyball came by attending a Colorado State University camp over the summer going into fifth grade, originally hating it. However, she got a recommendation to continue playing and decided to stick with it until she began enjoying it and doing it every day.

The main thing that keeps Curtis motivated is her teammates and her goals, as she strives to get better each day. She has made a lot of friends on all the teams she has been on and they still continue to become closer with each practice and game they have been through together. Curtis’ favorite team is the CSU volleyball team and her favorite player is Kirstie Hillyer, number 13. Curtis plays the same position as Hillyer and loves to look up to the older player and mimic her during games.

Curtis was born in Rochester, Minnesota in 2004 and moved to Fort Collins when she was six years old. Her favorite places to travel to are California because she loves the ocean and boogie boarding and Michigan because most of her extended family lives in the Grand Rapids Area.

The 4.0 student’s favorite subject in school is math. She does not have a least favorite subject because she believes learning all subjects is important for a steady career. Her favorite aspect of school is being able to see her friends every day so they can hang out at lunch and during passing periods.

Curtis said, “School spirit is a way of supporting others in their achievements and during games and it is always fun to connect to your school in a way.” After graduating high school, possibly early, Curtis wants to go to college at the University of California-Los Angeles and support her school by playing volleyball for the Bruins.

After she graduates from college she would like to begin working in the medical field and preferably be a Physician. She would like to work in California until she decides it is time to move to a smaller town. Curtis said she is currently completely devoted to her sports and schoolwork. She continues to keep an open mind as she finishes her high school career, always looking forward to her future.