Ansel Pierce – Alumni Story


Jacob Stone

Ansel Wolf Pierce, someone whos made quite the name for themselves.  Ansel graduated from Fossil Ridge in 2017. He is a hardworking, light hearted, and very outgoing person who excelled in the business programs at Fossil Ridge such as FBLA. He found that the application process of getting into college was very stressful, but he was accepted to CU Boulder’s Business program. Throughout his first semester there he found out that high school had much more work assigned and that he had much more free time in college than he expected. With all of that free time, Ansel decided to pick up modeling. At first it was just a hobby but it quickly grew bigger as photographers and companies all over the country were contacting him for photoshoots or sponsored deals. 

Soon after a photographer from Los Angeles contacting him asking him to come to LA to meet him and stay out there for a week or two and see how it goes. In June of 2018 Ansel decided to go out there and meet him and do a photoshoot and stay out there for two weeks. While he was out there he met some incredible artists, such as 2 Chainz, tyga, Jamie Foxx, Chris Brown, and French Montana, as well as amazing contacts and people to know in the modeling world of LA. After this trip Ansel decided that modeling is what he wanted to do, so that’s what he did. He packed up everything, dropped out of CU and moved to Los Angeles. I asked Ansel what the biggest step towards his dream he took was, and he said “ stepping out of your hometown and learning to grow yourself and your career in a positive direction, as well as giving yourself time to be alone and really think on what you want to accomplish and how your gonna do it”.

Moving to LA changed a lot of things in his life, from living situation to everyday life. Now the average day consists of him waking up and checking social media analytics as well as DM’s and emails. Then from 12am-5pm he is usually doing modeling shoots, contacting people and companies, as well as responding to deals photographers and designers. Then from 6-11 he works as a waiter at a restaurant called Tom-Tom. His goals for the near future are to continue modeling, be signed as a main screen character in a tv show or movie, and have his clothing company self sustaining. Ansel is very passionate about creativity as well as spreading positivity throughout all the work he does. He says that the hardest struggle he’s encountered along his path to success is finding a living situation that works for him with how much it costs and the availability it creates for him. Ansel spends a lot of his free time doing work related things such as working out to look better for modeling, signing new deals, and talking with others in the same field as him making new contacts and building relationships. Currently he is working with designers for New York and Milan fashion week. Ansel can’t wait to see where his next adventure will take him.