Photo Essay: Danielle hosts ukulele workshop

Macy Fowler

Danielle Anderson, commonly known as musician Danielle Ate the Sandwich, visited Fossil Ridge to join Uke Revolution for a workshop and concert on Friday, March 8. Anderson was joined by members of Uke Revolution, Fossil’s ukulele club, and a few younger students who had heard about the event. With the help of the performer, the attendees quickly learned the pre-chorus and chorus to “Stitches” by Shawn Mendes. They began by tuning their ukuleles and then practicing the chords before singing, in order to make sure everyone knew the lyrics of the popular pop song. With the help of Mrs. Fain, Danielle passed out a set of maracas and bongos in case someone wanted to be the percussion. Fain is the sponsor for the schools’ ukulele club, and also runs the school library. Anderson taught the group about different ways of introducing themselves if they were on a stage. With a few suggestions, they all agreed on “Danielle Ate the Revolution” as their group name for their final performance after Danielle’s concert.