Tyler in the mountains

Tyler Hobbs

In 2016, Tyler Hobbs graduated from Fossil Ridge High School. Since then she has been very busy running of Tyler.paige photography. While going to Fossil, Tyler Hobbs loved being the editor of the yearbook at Fossil, and it made her really want to continue photography and go into graphic design. Hobbs said, “It really helped me to learn time management and organization which has impacted me both academically and in business.”

As a part of the photography life, Hobbs said, “it is very fun but is also stressful because it requires strong communication and planning skills and requires you to balance a lot of things at once, but it is a challenge which is why I love it!”

The love for photography began when Tyler’s mom, Paige Hobbs, photographed every sports game and event that Tyler was a part of as a kid. Tyler said, “My mom really started my love for photography.”

Hobbs really enjoys spending time with her clients and editing photographs because every photoshoot is so different. She does not really enjoy dealing with scheduling, because everyone is so busy. But she does it because Hobbs know how important documenting life’s memories are for people and wants to help with as many special occasions as she can. Photography has helped her meet a lot of new people and has forced her to look at life in a different way.

Currently, Hobbs is busy photographing a lot of college and high school graduates and designing a lot of graduation announcements since it is the beginning of the senior photo season.

Hobbs schedules her shoots mainly on the weekends when she does not have school and mainly does them at night so that her days can stay open. However, she typically spends double to triple the amount of time she spends photographing a shoot editing. This means that Hobbs spends most of her time in front of the computer. Even though she gets to make her own schedule, she mainly works weekends, which can be hard especially because she is going to school at Colorado State University. As a result, during the busy season (March-December), Hobbs does not get a lot of days off.

Below are some of Tyler’s photographs she has captured:

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