One of Boehler's headshots

Sydney Boehler

It all started when Sydney Boehler, class of 2018, participated in her first pageant when she was 13. She hoped to become a positive figure to those around her someday. She has looked up to her siblings for years and wanted to take what she has learned from them and be a mentor to those around her. Little did she know how much the pageant world would shape who she is today.

She was crowned Miss Colorado Teen USA on October 28, 2018. Boehler competed in interview, activewear, and evening gown. The judges then made the cut from 64 ladies to 15, and the semi-finalists re-competed in both active wear and evening gown. Once she was called into the top five, Boehler was asked an onstage question. Boehler said the experience of competing in a pageant is extremely rewarding, and she has made so many new friends and memories that will forever be cherished.

Boehler getting crowned Miss Colorado Teen USA

While enjoying every second of being a Colorado representative, Boehler has had the chance to really step out of her comfort zone and has learned so much about herself along the way. Her confidence has grown incredibly, and it is so empowering to have lots of young women look up to her.

With all the options in the pageant life, Boehler said, “it can be whatever you make it!” Her year has been full of both glamour-filled days and volunteering opportunities. She has had the chance to go to Austin, Texas to the Sherri Hill showroom and pick out her national gown, she attended New York Fashion Week, and she spent a week in Minneapolis doing all things glam while prepping for Miss Teen USA. Along with all of the photoshoots and dresses, Boehler feels so grateful that she is able to make a difference in so many lives as well. “Packing food bags for children in Haiti with Feed my Starving Children, collecting Christmas toys with Realities for Children and The Salvation Army have also been things that have made my year so special,” Boehler said.

Boehler has become a confident and driven person because of pageantry. It has taught her to always strive for her wildest dreams and never lose sight of who she is. Despite what the media may lead the public to think, pageantry is a very empowering thing and Boehler believes any woman would benefit from it.

Boehler’s junior year at Fossil she was an exchange student in Belgium and learned and grew a tremendous amount through her time abroad. She experienced new cultures, traveled extensively, and made friends from all over the world while learning a second language. These qualities have helped her today because she finds myself to be very accepting and understanding of those around her. Boehler has a life’s worth of experiences from this one year in Europe.

Boehler in her national gown

In Reno, Nevada, Sydney has been competing for the title of Miss Teen USA. The past few months have been full of mental and physical preparation including interview preparation, working out, and making sure she is the best version of herself for the national Miss Teen USA pageant.

Keep a lookout for Boehler on her journey upward in the pageant community.

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