Fossil students compete in Clash of Cats

Melissa May, Arts Writer

On Tuesday, April 23, representatives from different Fossil Ridge High School clubs and organizations came together to participate in a series of different mental and physical challenges. The competition, entitled “Clash of Cats,” featured four main events where the teams fought for their chance at $100 for their club or school organization. At the end of the games, Fossil students Kelsey Creager and Anastasia Abshire won the prize for Fossil Friends.

The competition began at 5:00 p.m. with the first challenge, which asked pairs of students to balance a dodgeball between their heads while running to the opposite side of the gym and back as many times as possible in the time allotted. Teams had to get creative with their tactics after nearly every team began by simply balancing the ball between their foreheads. This was proved less effective than anticipated and left the pairs with the option to either change their strategy or continue attempting to make the journey across the gym.

The second event consisted of a game of Jeopardy in which competitors had to guess the titles and artists of different songs based on the few lyrics presented. During their turn, each team had the options to choose from 80s songs, 90s songs, songs from 2000-2018, 2019 songs, or TV show theme songs. Each category of songs had point values, ranging from 100 points to 500 points, attached to the questions and the teams who finished their round with the most points advanced to the next round.

The third challenge introduced a twist to a classic children’s game. Teams competed against one another in a game of musical chairs while each player attempted to balance a golf ball on a plastic spoon. The balancing aspect proved challenging, as some of the competitors were able to secure a chair, but dropped their ball and had to retrieve it before their seat was taken. The two winning teams of the games advanced to the next round of the night.

The fourth and final game of the evening was a round of Mario Kart. Each of the two remaining teams, representing Fossil Friends and Etched in Stone, selected a group member to participate in the match. While Karen Manley, playing for Etched in Stone, held her spot in first place for the majority of the laps, Anastasia Abshire passed her and finished the game in first within the final half of the third lap. Following Abshire’s success in the match, she and Creager won $100 for Fossil Friends and a trophy to signify their win.