Diversify Yourself: The Help


Maddie Booton

The novel The Help by Kathryn Stockett is one of those books. It makes you laugh, cry, and most important, it makes you think. The Help is about the racial inequalities of the 1960s and how bad blood runs deep below the surface. A book that makes you think and question an important topic is a book that everyone should read.

The story specifically follows maids and best friends, Minny Jackson and Aibileen Clark, as well as reporter Skeeter Phelan. The story begins with Skeeter, who is fresh out of college and fresh out of ideas. She gets a job at the local newspaper writing about household chores but feels as though her role in society is minimal. All she wants is to make a difference or spark a change. After a lot of persuasion and talking, she convinces Aibileen and Minny to help her with a book she wants to write about being a maid in Mississippi. They all face their own challenges individually and together. The novel’s reflection on making a difference in a stubborn community is truly inspiring.

Seeing both the internal and external challenges that the three faces show the tension and difficulties at the time. The lessons and perspectives that you gain from reading The Help teach patience, understanding, and respect for others.

The story can be complex at times, shifting character viewpoints constantly, but it is interesting to see the multiple storylines converge and also split off to develop. The uniqueness and thought-provoking topic makes The Help a read for anyone who wants to try something new. Reading makes you more informed, and if you want to be informed on the Civil Rights Movement, you should definitely read The Help.