People’s choice awards says goodbye to seniors

Caroline Sears

The annual Fossil Ridge High School People’s Choice awards assembly kicked off with the seniors rushing into the gym, for the final assembly of their four-year journey. Awards were displayed on the screen to recognize students from all grade levels, for their hard work in art, academics, and sports. Eight awards were given to the outstanding students in their grade level, like freshmen Dean Jones and Moria Addams.

Caroline Sears
The Fossil girls golf team is honored for their hard work over the season.

Many clubs and teams were acknowledged for their accomplishments this year. The Fossil Ridge Girls golf team braved the harsh conditions and came home with a State Championship title. The Science Olympiad says goodbye to their coach Daniel Dannahower after he lead them to record-breaking scores.

Leading the audience throughout the show was the Fossil Ridge Dance Team and the teacher run band, Staff Infection. A freshman on the dance team, Ava Sprague, stated, “I love competing and performing and having fun with a whole team.” She believes that everyone who received an award deserved it.

Staff Infection performed a mash-up between “Under Pressure” by Queen and “Ice Ice Baby” by Vanilla Ice, ending with a cover of the popular “High Hopes” by Panic! At the Disco. Fossil’s own version of “Mean Tweets”, originated from Jimmy Kimmel, showed teacher’s reactions to insults via social media.

Caroline Sears
Science Olympiad unravels their banner as they celebrate their success.

Assistant Principal Brad Nye stated his favorite part of the assembly was “getting a chance to honor the senior class because they’ve been here four years, and getting the chance to see them smile and get excited and see how they enjoy the awards,” he added. His favorite way to show school spirit is, “with a constant positive attitude, just trying to make people feel welcome in the school.”

The teacher of the year awards were handed out to the well deserving Emily Breeze and Nico Henry. The most anticipated award of the assembly was for Kira Lee, recognized as Senior Class Guardian, as she represents all of what the senior class stands for.

Caroline Sears
The staff run band, Staff Infection, plays one last song for the seniors.


After all of the awards were handed out, and the band played a final song, underclassmen rushed outside to form the iconic tunnel. Soon after, the field was covered in glitter, silly string, and confetti. It was the perfect farewell to an incredible group of seniors.