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Player Profile: Bryn Hunt

Bryn Hunt is a senior at Fossil Ridge High School and invests her time in competing on the cross country team as well as in her academics. Hunt has been running on the team since the beginning of Freshman year. She has loved running since she was in sixth grade and has not lost her love of the sport. It is a bittersweet moment for her coming into her last season because she is going to miss her teammates and the memories she has made on Fossil’s team. Hunt is most thankful for close friends she has made over the years and the fun memories they have shared together. She said, “Coach Cook does a really good job to make the program awesome and successful so it’s going to be hard to leave that.” Hunt does not plan on continuing running for a sport in college, so she is trying to enjoy every last minute she has left in high school. 

As an athlete, she starts preparing for a meet the night before. Indulging on noodles and other carbohydrates give her the energy needed to run the next morning. She spends her mornings stretching and getting mentally prepared to compete, and using music to help her get ready. Before each run, it is a tradition for the girls of the team to kiss each other’s shoes. It gives each other the luck and support needed to perform their best. 

Currently, Hunt has been diagnosed with patellar tendinitis and has been recovering over the summer. It is slowly getting better and she got released to start training again during the second week of school.. The injury was a big setback and disappointment to Hunt, but her family and team have been behind her one-hundred percent to help get her running again. Her biggest supporter is her sister Caitlin, a Sophomore at Fossil who also competes in cross country. She encourages Bryn to run faster and be stronger than she has before. Hunt hopes to run in a meet with her sister one day. 

A hard workout can get annoying sometimes to Hunt, but she knows the effort she puts in before the meets are the most important time to push yourself. She also loves feeling confident and successful after completing her training.

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