Fossil’s clubs work to build culture and community

Caroline Sears, Activities Beat Writer

Every student at Fossil Ridge High School can easily find a club that suits their interests. Many of these clubs help to unify and diversify our school, as well as providing a fun break from school. Whether you are interested in establishing community within Fossil or recognizing a culture, there is a way for every student to get involved. German Club, Fossil Friends, and Spectrum alliance are all impacting this school in different ways.

German Club meets Wednesdays at lunch in room E210. French, Spanish, and German Club highlight the cultures of their respective nations, but knowing the language is not a requirement. A member of this club, Cassandra Murray, stated that German Club is “a way for you to learn about the culture.” Another member, Brandon Mills, added, “So many people showed up, it was a fun experience that brought people together” about Fossil’s Oktoberfest.

Fossils only German teacher,  Ms. Amy Healy works incredibly hard keeps students interested in the language through the culture: “…it’s not just in the classroom, but it’s everywhere.” Students are currently planning Oktoberfest, a celebration of German culture. This takes place on October 15 from 5:30 to 7:30.

 Although this is the German Club’s big event, Healy is  “…trying to share more traditions, like cultural (events) involved with the rest of the school.” Whether you are studying the German language or you are just looking for a club that values culture, German club meets Wednesdays at lunch in room E210.

Spectrum Alliance welcomes LGBTQ+   at Fossil. Lillie Wesley described it as, “… the LGBT+ friendly club, a safe space, inclusive for all.” Their purpose is to “Make (Fossil) a lot more friendly…and allow students a safe space to come to.” 

At the Spectrum meeting last Tuesday, every student in E104 was intently listening and respectfully discussing the Stonewall Riots. The discussion was lead by students, as club members asked questions and shared their opinion. They recently proposed to change their name to Fossil GSA, but that has not yet been confirmed.

C. Sears
Members of Spectrum Alliance catch up before the meeting begins.

The structure of the meeting and the intriguing topic was incredible. There is no wonder the members love Spectrum so much. One member, Charlie Conley stated that “…becoming connected with the students in this community (has) given me a safe community at school.” Many members reflected this enthusiasm. Establishing a community and a safe space for LGBTQ+ youths was the sponsor, Todd Forkner’s goal when creating this club. Based on the student’s responses, they definitely accomplished this goal.

If you are interested in joining, Wesley states, “We welcome anyone of any identity, gender or sexuality,” The staff sponsor, Forkner adds “(everyone is) welcome to come to Spectrum and show their support.”  Come visit Spectrum Alliance on Tuesdays at lunch in room East 104. 

Another club that works to connect Fossil students is Fossil Friends. Fossil Friends is a group at Fossil that spreads kindness and acceptance through our school. They, “learn about disabilities and…also host parties. Our purpose is to spread diversity and kindness,” says D.K., a club member.

Even if you are not a part of Fossil Friends, you are welcome to join them for lunches on Thursdays in room West 113. Macy Killen states, “We all get together to eat lunch…it’s a super fun group and you can always just jump in,” says the club supporter. She adds, “It’s a really loving group”.

All of these loving groups share one thing in common: they are diversifying our school and making it a better place. If you are looking for a way to impact Fossil’s cultural community, visit one of these clubs or the many other our school has to offer.