Fossil students prepare for concerts


Caitlin Davidson

Students practice for upcoming concert.

Beth Farrand, Arts Writer

Anyone who has prepared for a performance of any kind is aware of the amount of work needed to make it a success. It takes hours of practice and hard work to get things just right, repeating the same parts over and over again until it is perfect or as close as can be. 

Students in the music department at Fossil Ridge show this everyday by diligently working to make their performances flawless. The amount of work put into making the performance perfect, both during and outside of the school day, is astounding. 

Jaid Lane, a junior at Fossil, is currently in the Sabercat choir for her third year and has been singing in a choir for six years. She is currently working on four songs in four different languages for her concert on October 16. These languages include English, Spanish, Latin and a South African language. 

When talking to Lane about her experience preparing for concerts, she said, “it tends to be stressful, especially when memorizing the individual parts, but it’s fun in the end.”

During the school week, students are in class for about four hours, spending that entire time learning new songs for their concerts or working on the material they already have.