Player Profile: Carter Lake


Alaina Yeager, Sports Writer

Carter Lake, a Senior here at Fossil Ridge High School, has been playing football and lacrosse since he was a kid. Lake says he started playing football in third grade and lacrosse in fourth. He said, “It’s always been something I’ve loved to do when I was young,” as he was an active kid. Lake was very influenced by his dad when he was younger. His dad and idol has been there to support and coach him since day one and he continues to show up to every game. Additionally, his dad has always taught him to work hard, stay determined, and finish what he started.His parents and his girlfriend, Natalie, are his biggest supporters.  


Lake says playing both football and lacrosse has been very beneficial to him especially because they are during different times of the year. “Playing lacrosse and football keeps me in shape and they are opposite seasons so I am always running and always active year round” Lake said. Being in two sports helps him get stronger with lifting, as well as creating tight bonds with his friends on his teams. He decided to try lacrosse when he did not like soccer, and they happened to be the same season so he had to choose one over the other. One of  the reasons he likes both of these sports is because they are so similar. He added, “Football helps me get my energy out and helps me relax, as well as lacrosse.”


This year Lake is playing many different positions for Fossil’s Varsity Football team. He is playing full back, running back, punt returner and kick returner. Lake says he has switched positions every year. His Freshman year he was a linebacker and played on defense. Also, he played defense sophomore year. This year is his first year playing mostly offense.  Lake claimed, “It’s a different perspective on the field. It’s good to get yards instead of stopping yards.” Overall, he has loved every position he has played but says running back has been his favorite. 


Lake says that this football season could be better, but they finished the season out well even though it is not exactly what Seniors wanted for their final season. He says it is good to be back because he did not play last year. Lake has had some issues with concussions. He has had a total of five concussions so far from football; he was out for seven weeks because of one of them. Lake wanted to end senior year football on a good note and have fun the rest of the season. As for lacrosse, he wants a really good, stable season. 


Lake said the best thing about playing football is the friendships and being able to hang out with the guys who all love the same sport. Having three hours of practice to be with Lake’s team is meaningful since there is not usually much time during the school year to hang out with them. “These friendships are going to be the biggest takeaway from high school,” said Lake. 

Some strengths of Lake’s are being a very good team player, he works around what his coach really needs him to do which is why he has switched positions a lot. Lake says when it comes to game days he loves the adrenaline. Before the games he gets very nervous but once he sets foot onto the field his confidence kicks in. “During the game I’m in the moment and  thinking about what I am supposed to be doing,” said lake.

“The biggest lesson these sports have taught me is how to be a trustworthy team player and to get a job done.” Lake said he needs to improve on his mindset when it comes to playing because it would help him improve on the field. Lake is proud of his club seasons because playing on the East Coast is such a different experience. His biggest highlight was playing all-star games and being elected to play on teams that are invite only. “I have played on a USA team and was the only kid from Colorado,” he said. He has always loved practice, he said there is not a lot to hate because he is always getting better and improving skills, which pay off in the end. A successful season to Carter would be how close the team is able to be and how well they work together—for them to all strive for the same goal.