Sabercat Story: Sofia Wojtal

Alena Leberger

Sofia Wojtal is a Senior at Fossil Ridge High School and is seventeen years old. She says senior year is going really well and has been easy so far. She has really enjoyed her past four years at Fossil but says that her senior year as been quoted, “the most fun of all four years.” Wojtal says that her classes are fairly enjoyable this year and she loves her teachers. Most of her friends are in the classes with Wojtal so it makes school a lot more fun and easier to go to for her. Wojtal says that her favorite class currently at the moment is Government because she loves the teacher and it is low stress. Her worst class is College Algebra because she says that it is just, “not her jam” and she is ready for some freedom and to get over with her schooling. 

For College, Wojtal is planning on going to Colorado State University or Colorado Mesa University. She was accepted into college for Construction Management, which she has been working towards this whole year and is excited to learn more about that field. She is nervous for graduation for the freedom it gives, and is trying to still figure out what she is going to do for her life after school. Currently she works at Studio 68 Fitness in Fort Collins and really enjoys it so far. She is going to miss being a Senior and all her friends, but overall she is very happy and enjoyed her high school experience.