Celebrating Seniors: Kieran Henry

Jaidyn Nelson, Staff writer

Kieran Henry is currently a 17 year old senior at Fossil Ridge who has just made the exciting decision to continue his academic career at Baylor University in the fall. He claims he is going there because “he absolutely loved the people and campus which felt like home when I visited.” In addition, he felt that Baylor did an excellent job of providing programs which have set up their students for success.  

Henry had originally set intentions on swimming in college, although he found that all of the schools that had teams he could swim on “were missing something.” He said, “I knew I wanted to be in the south so I started looking at schools in Texas, and when I went down to visit one in San Antonio I decided to just drive through the campus of Baylor just to see what it was like and I ended up falling in love with it.” Ultimately, Baylor has a good club team and

Henry is a part of a big family and was born in Oklahoma.

he feels that the combination of “great academics and an amazing campus life will be the perfect fit.” Towards the beginning of his college search, Henry applied to Baylor, not expecting to go there, and as he learned more, he planned a visit and the rest is history. 

This fall, he plans to study biology on a pre-med track. Henry has furthered his interest in the medical field by preparing himself in taking EMT classes at AIMS community college this year. It is without a doubt his passion and dedication will take him far. His end goal with his degree is to get into medical school, where he aspires to be an orthopedic surgeon. 

His feelings for college are nonetheless excitement as he is looking forward to starting a new chapter of his life in which he will meet new people and have access to many new opportunities. Next year, Henry is also excited about the possibility of joining Baylor’s wake-boarding team and hopes to continue working as an EMT in the Waco area.