PSD prepares for an accelerated return to in-person learning

A calendar sent out by PSD provides a visual explanation of the return to Phase 3 and 4.

Poudre School District

A calendar sent out by PSD provides a visual explanation of the return to Phase 3 and 4.

Caroline Sears, News Director

Yesterday, January 7, Poudre School District released an update concerning the anticipated return to in-person education. Although coronavirus cases are increasing, PSD plans to welcome students back on January 25 in Phase 3. 

This would look similar to the brief introduction into hybrid high schools experienced during the second quarter with the two groups attending the building on alternating days. A group students will have their first classes in the building on the 25, and the B group will attend on the 26.

High school students will stay in Phase 1, completely remote, until then. 

With measures taken to protect students from contracting COVID-19, fully in-person education, Phase 4, for high school students will begin on February 8. This new schedule will also include synchronous classes on Fridays.

The district has other plans for middle school and elementary school students, with a more accelerated return to fully face-to-face instruction.

This update came after teachers were planning for a return to hybrid learning later this month, with students separated into two groups and only attending in-person one day a week. Now, students will only be in Phase 3 until February 8. 

All students have contrasting opinions surrounding a return to Fossil Ridge High School, but agree that they fear history will repeat itself and students will be back at home before spring break. 

With vaccinations on the horizon, school organizations are beginning to transform their hopes into plans. No matter the outcome, the district and staff will continue to adapt with one priority in mind: students’ safety.

Edit: As of January 26, Poudre School District high schools will be in Hybrid Learning until otherwise determined.