PE in a pandemic


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Fitness app used in PE for students to show their progress

Yang Zhang, Staff Writer

Ever since remote learning has started, teachers, staff, and students have adjusted to this new environment of school at home. From checking out fitness apps to filling out fitness logs, here is how the physical education classes have continued.

General PE classes get together in the beginning of the class and the teacher takes attendance with an attendance question in order to get students talking and learning their similar interests within the class.Then, the teacher runs slideshows that teach about fitness components and such. The slides usually take about thirty to forty five minutes to go through.

After the slides, students are now off to do exercise. Students have to get thirty minutes of exercise every day from Monday to Friday. There is a gap, as the exercise is assigned on Monday and due on Sunday. Usually there is enough time in asynchronous lessons to get the exercise in. If for reasons students can not get it in, they can exercise other times.

Students are asked to track their movement of exercise on a fitness app, or check out a heart monitor to check out heart rate motions to show that they have done a moderate to vigorous amount of exercise in the given time. This means that their heart rate has gone up to 60-80% of the target heart rate.This is close to the statistic recommended from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), and there is research that shows that exercise can help with students’ mental health. A time lapse video is also allowed.

After the exercise, students will fill their exercise information in a fitness log that is assigned. When they have put down their date, there is a drop down bar that has a variety of options that students can do for their exercise, from slow walk to yoga to weight lifting. Students will click on the options they chose and fill in their effort level.There is a guide on the log that walks students through the process of submitting the technological proof that shows the exercise has been done.

If students are having a technical difficulty, they can stay after class to troubleshoot the problem. In an internet shortage, the slides are posted in google classroom for students to access and review.

Ever since remote learning has started, physical education has adjusted to this new environment and kept the students healthy during the pandemic.