Opinion: Colorado ski resorts ranked


Loveland Ski Area

Loveland Ski Area shows off their runs and possible resting spots throughout the resort.

Ryan Henriksen, Staff Writer

Colorado has a variety of ski resorts, the majority of which are very good, making this list very hard to make. I will be ranking six resorts that I have been to: Vail Ski Resort, Copper Mountain, Winter Park Resort, Steamboat Springs Resort, Beaver Creek Resort, and Loveland Ski Area. 

In sixth place, I have Loveland Ski Area. I put Loveland in last because of their lack of variety of runs, their long lift lines, and the slow lift rides. The only somewhat redeemable quality for Loveland is the location. I say “somewhat” because the close location of Loveland makes for a short drive, but it also means they do not get much good snow. Loveland: 4/10.

Loveland Ski Area offers relatively cheap tickets, but with a smaller variety of runs. (Loveland Ski Area)

Next, Beaver Creek Resort comes in fifth place. Beaver’s long lift lines and location are the main reasons I do not like to go there. The location is just over a three-hour drive from Fort Collins. Beaver also lacks in the actual park, having an underwhelming effect and lack of jumps. However, they get good snow and have a decent variety of runs. Beaver Creek: 6/10.

The fourth-place spot is awarded to Vail. Vail’s lift lines are the driving factor that places it in the middle of the ranking. The lines are just too long, and they have an expensive day lift ticket, priced at $209, which, compared to Winter park’s price of $169, is a lot more expensive. Vail also suffers the same underwhelming effect with its lack of a great park. Vail Ski Resort: 7/10.

The third-place option, in my opinion, has to go to Steamboat. The decision to put it in third was very hard, but it came down to its far-away location and very lackluster park, which is even worse than Vail’s. Steamboat is about three hours and thirty minutes away, which makes Steamboat only a viable option during long weekend trips to the mountains. All this being said, Steamboat has some of the best variety, backcountry, and great snow. Steamboat Springs Resort: 8.5/10.

Steamboat’s beautiful scenery attracts many tourists throughout the country. (Steamboat)

For first place, I could not choose between Copper Mountain or Winter Park so they are tied for first. They are both in really good locations, close enough that you can easily do day trips to either resort. Both resorts have short average lift lines. What makes Copper different from Winter Park is that it definitely has the best park, with a huge variety of jumps, rails, boxes, and tramps. However, Winter Park has the best in-between tree skiing. If you are a park person, I would definitely choose Copper, but if you are a more casual skier, then I would choose Winter Park for its terrain and tree skiing. Both of these resorts get 9.5/10.