Fossil Ridge spring choir concert

Beth Farrand, Arts Writer

On Monday, March 2, 2020 Fossil Ridge High School’s choirs put on amazing performances in the Performing Arts Center at the school. Hosted by two of Fossil’s very own choir students, the night’s event was directed by both Briana McCormik and John Garner, with accompaniment by Hannah Swanson and solos from a couple other students. 

The Sabercat Choir was the first to perform of the choir groups, singing “Modimo” by Michael Barrett. “Modimo” is a South African arrangement, a song of peace and celebration. The Sabercat Choir sang a total of four songs. Following the Michael Barrett song was “Bright Morning Stars” by Shawn Kirchner, featuring soloist Jack Walder, “Die Mainacht” by James Mcculough and “Dies Irae” by Ryan Main. “Dies Irae”, meaning “Day of Wrath”, is about the Final Judgement .

Taking the stage next was Fossil’s Women’s Choir. Their voices amazed the audience during the three songs they performed, starting with “She Tore a Map” by Tim Takach, then “The Human Heart” by Flaherty, arranged by Beck, featuring soloist Emmy Brewer, and lastly “I Am” by Cristian Grases. “I Am” is a poem about the different perspectives when experiencing life. She Tore a Map is also styled as a poem and was written in 2015

Chamber Choir followed Women’s Choir, singing four songs. “Beautiful Morning” by John Wykoff,”Let My Love Be Heard” by Jake Runestad, “Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye” by Alice Parker and finally “In the Middle” by Dale Trumbore. “Beautiful Morning” is a cheerful song about leaving the issues of life behind you for a new, better day. 

Vox Femina and Men’s Choir were the last choirs to perform. Vox Femina sang three songs, two of which featured solo instrumentalists on the horn and violin accompanying the choir. They sang “Song of Miriam” by Elaine Hagenberg, “Heart, We Will Forget Him” by James Mulholland featuring soloist Alanna Jones on the horn and finally “Sing, Wearing the Sky” by Jake Runestad featuring soloist Naomi Sherman on the violin. According to the Jake Runestad Website, “Sing, Wearing the Sky” is about a 14th century Sufi-mystic poet from India named Lalla and the strong belief “in the development of the self while reaching enlightenment.” This beautiful piece uses Classical Indian music as influence to the piece as well as other voice effects to “allow Lalla’s message to come to life”.

Men’s Choir performed four songs at the end of the concert, including “This Old Hammer” by Neil Ginsberg, “Chasing Visions” by Don Macdonald featuring three soloists: Josh King, Steven Nguyen and Lucas Bean. Then they sang “M(en)” by Joshua Shank and ended with “Canto Del Agua” by David Hill. “Chasing Visions” is about the strength of human relationships and the ability to bring back memories of those not with us anymore. 

Fossil’s next choir concert is to be held on Monday, May 11, 2020.