Sabercat story: Addi Brunson

Brunson's favorite art piece inspired by the color yellow.

Brunson’s favorite art piece inspired by the color yellow.

Beth Farrand, Arts Writer

Addi Brunson is currently a Junior at Fossil Ridge High School. Brunson loves art and golf. She spends most of her free time doing art and has been doing art ever since she was little kid. Taking classes starting in elementary school, she has continued every year in school. She has taken at least one art class every year she has been in high school. Her favorite class she has taken is painting. 

Currently, Brunson is one of the heads of Fossil’s Art club. In this role, her roles include occasionally teaching the students in the club and helping come up with projects they can do each week when they meet. 

Brunson’s favorite piece of art she has made was inspired by the color yellow. She made it to represent honey and bees. This painting was intended to be abstract with the wings on the painting in the shape of a pinwheel. 

In the spring of 2019, during her sophomore year of high school, Brunson had the opportunity to travel to Europe with the art teachers and other students from Fossil. They spent one week in Europe over the school’s spring break. Throughout the trip, she got the chance to see many places filled with art and history. These included Notre-Dame de Paris, a medieval catholic cathedral known for its French Gothic Architecture The Eiffel Tower, located in Champ de Mars and known for its lattice structure built in the late 1800s, the Louvre Museum which is the world’s largest art museum and a historic monument for Paris, the Montmartre, a hill consisting of a village and Basilica, a catholic church in the heart of Paris, the Van Gogh Museum dedicated to Vincent Van Gogh and his work, Versailles, containing a palace belonging to former french royalty and Catacombs which are burial sites for human remains located underground in Paris. Brunson mentioned her favorite part of the trip being spending time with other people who enjoy doing the same thing she does and getting to see Paris. “I hope to go on the next trip in my senior year”.

The art teachers arrange for a trip every other year, somewhere with lots of art and history, and usually out of the country. The next trip they are hoping to arrange is aimed for Italy. These trips usually occur during spring break.