Getting involved: Fossil’s Club Rush


Jordan Brownhill

Fossil’s clubs are advertised by banners hung in the commons.

Jordan Brownhill, Staff Writer

With Fossil Ridge High School students back in the building full time, and extracurricular activities starting to meet in person again, Fossil’s clubs are looking for new members to continue their programs. As a part of our return to a normal year, a club rush will be taking place at Fossil this year.

All of Fossil’s extracurriculars and clubs will be given the opportunity to promote their programs and encourage students to join. They will be able to answer questions and provide information about what the club involves.

Joining a club/organization is a just one way to help a big school feel smaller.

— Brad Nye

In past years, the club rush has been limited to ninth and tenth graders only, however this year it will be available to all grades.

The event will be taking place on Tuesday, August 31 and Wednesday, September 1. There will be tables set up in the circle in front of Fossil during the lunch period.

Fossil’s club rush allows students to get more involved with their school and find more of their fellow students that they relate to and have similar interests with. According to Brad Nye, the Club Rush is intended to increase the overall sense of belonging in the school by getting everyone involved in some type of club.

Nye explains “We want every student at FRHS to get connected with some kind of extracurricular activity.” The Club Rush is a great way for students to see all of their options and talk to representatives from all of the clubs.