Pregame fire alarm sets stage for heated volleyball matchup


Dylan Heinrich

Fossil cheerleaders waiting outside during delay as firefighters arrive to investigate

Dylan Heinrich, Sports Writer

A fire alarm starts the night off hot, as the Fossil Ridge volleyball team defeats the Legacy Lightning 3-1 on September 23.

The action started before the game as the fire alarm sounded, causing the entire gym to be evacuated. Players, parents, spectators and others were escorted away from the school. Teachers and administrators waited for the firefighters to arrive and find the source. Firefighters stated afterwards that there was no actual fire, just smoke coming from a burnt bag of popcorn. After roughly 15 minutes, everyone was finally allowed to return to the building and have the game start.

Fossil players after being evacuated due to an unexpected fire alarm


The Sabercats started the game firing on all cylinders. Fossil opened the set on a 6-0 run, catching Legacy off guard with their early intensity and drive. Legacy collected themselves and went on a 16-5 run, taking a 16-11 lead midway through the set. Fossil did their best to fight back, but eventually lost the first set 25-22.

Libero Danielle Burchett stated it was a team effort coming back from the one set deficit.

“We had to come in together and set our priorities straight and really make sure we’re covering and playing well,” Burchett said.

Libero Danielle Burchett whose determination and effort led Fossil to victory


Despite being down one set, Fossil played with poise and never panicked. Both the second and third sets were close, back and forth battles. Both teams brought their A-game, with a sense of urgency. Fossil made key hustle plays, getting up from blocks, diving to keep plays alive, and spiking the ball with ferocity. These key plays allowed Fossil to win these next two sets, 25-21 and 25-23.

Fossil and Legacy players showing mutual respect after hard-fought match

Fossil gained a lot of confidence from these big set wins, as they proceeded to steamroll Legacy in the final set 25-13. 

The Sabercats came into this game at 5-4(1-0 in league play) and ranked 72nd in the state. Legacy on the other hand was ranked 36th and 7-1(1-0). This win is a huge upset and is a massive confidence boost for the Sabercats going forward.


Fossil players and fans celebrating a point as Fossil started to rally

Fossil’s teamwork and confidence in each other allowed them to endure the long match and come away with the victory.

“…everyone cheering, even the sidelines, pumping us up knowing that we can do it and I felt like everyone had each other’s backs and were lifting each other up,” Burchett said.

The Sabercats will look to build on this win when they play on the road against rival Rocky Mountain on Tuesday, September 28.