Girls golf season is in full swing


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Fossil Ridge High School’s girls golf team competing at the 2020-2021 State Championship.

Addy Ehleiter, Sports Director

As spring sports start up, Fossil Ridge High School’s girls golf team prepares for their tenth season at Fossil. After having an altered golf season last year due to changing sports seasons and COVID-19, the team is eager to get back to more normal competitions.

During the past offseason, golfers were expected to practice on their own, many choosing to practice with junior golf programs through the state of Colorado. These club equivalent teams help the athletes to improve their skills and practice more during the offseason to prepare for the next season. 

Going into tryouts, the team is looking at having around twenty-one players which will have to be cut down to only twelve to fourteen golfers who will make up the varsity and junior varsity teams for competitions. This roster will likely change throughout the season because golf has many more flexible opportunities for everyone on the team. Full day competitions are a major reason for roster changes to allow athletes to attend more of their classes in a week as opposed to missing several days of school. 

During last year’s altered sports seasons, girls golf competed during “season D” which ran from late April to the middle of June for the state competition. This altered schedule gave the team far better weather than they experience during a typical season. Andy Stevens, the girls golf Head Coach, states that, “My first season as a girls golf coach, we played two tournaments the whole year because the weather was so bad.” 

With this year’s schedule beginning in March, the team is currently expecting to compete in fourteen different tournaments. If the girls qualify for state, their season will be extended until the end of May in order to attend the two day state tournament.