Tri-M Honor Society hosts Fossil’s first ever Cozy Concert

Addy Ehleiter, Sports Director

This year’s Tri-M leadership team consists of Xenia Chen, Ava Flake, Ryan Chen, and Taylor Luciani. (Thomas Henry)

On Friday, March 25, Fossil Ridge High School’s Tri-M honor society hosted their first ever event, the Cozy Concert. While the idea behind this event started off as a joke between the Tri-M leadership team, it quickly developed into a uniquely themed casual concert.

Students were encouraged to attend in their coziest outfits, many came in onesies accompanied by blankets and pillows. In addition, lights were dimmed to allow the colorful lighting provided by Tri-M to add to the laid-back aspect of this event.

Going along with the cozy-casual theme, this event provided a welcoming opportunity for anyone wishing to perform on stage. From flute and clarinet performances to guitars and piano, the diversity of performances was endless and entertaining for all who attended.

While many instrumental talents were featured, no one can forget the lively karaoke performances, including Olivia Wang who performed “Everybody Talks” by the Neon Trees. Wang even began dancing during her performance making it a top crowd pleasing moment from the night. 

Olivia Wang dancing during her karaoke performance of “Everybody Talks”.


While this event provided an opportunity for multiple of Fossil’s honor society members to earn hours for the year, the majority of the students attended with their friends as a way to have fun and listen to people play good music. 

This Tri-M event was a huge success with close to one hundred students attending and providing a great way for the honor society to come together after two years of COVID-19 and produce an event for everyone to enjoy.