2023-2024 Registration help

2023-2024 Registration help

Aislyn McDonald, Staff Writer

With registration due dates just around the corner, students are hustling to get answers to questions about classes. Counselors are often approached with repetitive questions, typically relating to college pathways and concurrent enrollment.

It may be difficult to know what pathway to take through high school when considering requirements for certain college majors. Some core subject pathways are mapped out in the Fossil Ridge High School course guide. This can help students understand how to take classes related to their desired subject pathway.

Taking concurrent enrollment classes for free college credit is an amazing opportunity that many students take advantage of. However, there has been much confusion revolving around registration for those classes.

There are two different concurrent enrollment options; high school select and campus select. High school select is the most common option, where Front Range Community College (FRCC) classes are offered and taught at Fossil. Campus select allows students to take classes at the FRCC campus rather than Fossil.

Registration for high school select goes along with registration, and additional questions can be answered here. Materials and information for the campus select option can be found here.

Another alternative is online summer classes, information can be found on the Poudre School District website. They are taken through the district, instead of Fossil. Offered class lists are released online on March 6. These classes are based on graduation requirements, they are free and self-paced. Registration for online summer courses will be open on March 1, 2023.

Counselors want to make students aware of how crucial it is to sign up for their desired classes for the following year during registration. School staff use students’ registration as a base for everything in their schedule, such as teacher jobs and course offerings. They stress the importance of submitting a desired schedule the first time because of this.

“Fossil students are wise and insightful, each student is capable of making a really solid course plan and we want students to trust themselves—we trust you enough to build our entire year on your requests, so trust yourselves and stick to it!”

-Counselor Jennifer Smela.