Spring semester leads into Prom 2023, a ritzy Masquerade with certain limits


Sophie Webb

On May 6th, starting at 8 p.m held at The Ranch, upperclassmen will fill the venue with their elegant dresses and stylish suits if they choose to take the traditional route.

Sophie Webb, Social Chair, Social Media Manager

Dresses purchased, suits rented, promposals at each corner; on May 6 one of the year’s largest events takes place, Prom night. However, a main problem stands in the way of a successful prom, the theme. 

Masquerade can be taken in several directions: dim lights, elegant attire, and mysterious masks. Lauren Grande, a first-year teacher and the prom sponsor has a charming vision for the final product.

“[Prom night will have] kind of like a gothic style, maroons, purples, burgundies, blacks, pearls, feathers, things like that,” Grande says. 

Several accessories can be chosen, however, since Fossil Ridge is a high school and therefore safety concerns remain the same, no masks. 

Full masks, and even partial masquerade masks, are not allowed for safety reasons. Identity concerns in a room full of hundreds of students are a primary concern to the school and therefore things even as little as face paint is not permitted. 

Although a partial mask, students who have medical concerns may choose to wear a face mask commonly seen during Covid-19 times. 

The rule for masks will be enforced as seen through informational emails from the district and reminders in posters. 

“Even if students are frustrated that they can’t wear masks and ultimately, that’s just to keep students safe,” Activities Director and Assistant Principal, Bradly Nye mentions. 

Nye aided Grande with the starting details but ultimately Prom 2023 has become her responsibility. 

“I, the activities director, worked with the junior class sponsor, which is Miss Grande, just to help walk her through the process. Answer questions she might have. But we [administration] aren’t actively a part of the prom planning process,” Nye explains. 

With Grande as the lead, she has explored her vision of creating a wonderful experience for upperclassmen despite the complications with the theme. “We decided to move forward with it just because it’s still an elegant theme but also a fun one,” Grande says. 

The closest runner-up was Around the World showing off different cultures and despite no masks being allowed, Masquerade was the clear winner. 

Hung in the commons, a poster describes the details for Prom night, along with the main rule, no masks. (Sydney Lammey)

Giant masquerade masks will be posted throughout the venue along with masks incorporated into the centerpieces and props for the photobooths.

“[The biggest challenge was] student disappointment however we knew that was going to be a reality and we’re still going to make this as fun and as beautiful as possible even without having the masks on,” Grande remarks. 

Several students were disappointed when learning about the guidelines, along with the planning committee who were not even aware of this restriction until a month after it was chosen. The disappointment will stay yet Grande still wishes for it to be a spectacular Prom. 

“It’s 100% my goal to make it a fun event, a safe event, and a memorable event,” Grande assures. 

Planning Prom comes with high responsibilities and the goal of keeping the majority of students satisfied. “Being a first-year teacher, being the Prom sponsor, and being the assistant Girl’s Golf coach has been increasingly overwhelming as well as really fun,” Grande says. 

With barely over a week till prom, the final details are coming together and the expectations are nothing short of a fantastic night.