Opinion: The best dining places for Prom this year


Sophie Webb

Located in The Promenade Shops at Centerra, Biaggi’s serves food on a typical day from 11 A.M to 9 P.M.

Sophie Webb, Social Chair, Social Media Manager

Prom is filled with decisions and plans all coming together within this next week. Pictures, corsages, after Prom, and a very important aspect: dinner. Whether you are going with a date or with friends, there is a place for you. Below I will talk about where to go for your Prom dinner based on my and others’ opinions. 

Not only is Olive Garden good for a casual Prom dinner but a nice night out with family or friends, another local hotspot for dates. (Sophie Webb)

Olive Garden

This casual dining experience- known for its breadsticks and pasta- features delicious Italian food. You will catch several large parties enjoying a meal together and it is considered a more cost-effective option. A usual entree costing between $12-$20.

Junior Isha Diddi is traveling with her friends before Prom to this popular location. “I am really excited because it might not be as fancy as other restaurants but it has a good vibe and has good food,” Diddi explains. 

This is a great option and despite being casual, will host several prom parties this coming Saturday. 


Centerra is also home to many well-rated fashion shops and even Barnes and Nobles, perfect summer locations and hangouts. (Ethan Cobb)

This restaurant is a bit on the fancier side, located in Centerra near the MetroLux Theatres. They take reservations and have a wide variety of food. This is perfect for a group, especially a date, to go before Prom due to its elevated atmosphere and well-priced food, a typical entree still costing less than $20. 

Groups have gone here for both Homecoming and Prom, the expectations are always met which leads to recommendations and how I evidently discovered this place and decided to use it for my Junior Prom dinner. It is near the venue, located at the Ranch, and very practical for the night. 

I am very excited to experience the atmosphere and food and highly recommend it to other parties deciding where to go. 


Reservations can be taken ahead of time to ensure your utmost satisfaction when securing a table. Anything from buffalo wings to pasta can be ordered. (Sophie Webb)

The most common location is off of Harmony, near the Target shopping center. Gianna DeFazio is going with her group of friends and, similar to me, based it on convenience. Not only is it near where she and others are taking pictures, but it has a very reasonable price. 

Similar to the other options, its prices range from $12-$20 and you will see most groups and dates there for its infamous Pizookie. A pizza-shaped cookie dessert topped with ice cream, an easy way to load up on sugar before dancing the night away.

“I really like it because there’s good food at a reasonable price,” DeFazio states. Some people are also familiar with the restaurant due to it being a popular place for school fundraisers.

RARE Italian

In Old Town, Fort Collins, RARE Italian is surrounded by a creative and busy atmosphere. Several groups travel to Old Town on Prom night. (Sophie Webb)

Now this is a perfect, intimate, and atmospheric place for a dinner for two, either as dates or friends. It is located in Old Town which is special in itself and just creates a fantastic experience. Now since there are multiple benefits to going, this comes with a price raise.

The entrees are well above $20 and definitely may leave a dent in the wallet of a teenager. This is not to say that the food is nothing sort of exquisite and could be argued that it is worth every cent. 

Erika Foerster is visiting with her boyfriend, wanting to create a fantastic evening. “My boyfriend and his family have gone there several times and have always loved it and had a great experience there,” Forester says. 

Masa Hibachi Steakhouse & Sushi

Masa Hibachi is best known for its dinner meals and the quality of service and atmosphere. (Sophie Webb)

Not only does this place carry creative food, but has a really interactive atmosphere. It is located off of Harmony and considered a hidden gem. Including the experience that happens the price is reasonable. 

It is considered a more formal place and a smart idea to tip the servers since they are putting on a display. Lara Sasarman is going to her first Fossil Ridge Prom and attending Hibachi for her dinner with friends and a date. 

“I think that Hibachi is a really fun place to go because it also is like a show for you,” Sasarman states. The waiters make sure to make it an enjoyable and entertaining experience, overall being an amusing time.

Where are you going to Prom dinner?


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