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If you’re looking for something to do after school besides homework, eating, and sleeping, Fossil Ridge High School has a diverse array of clubs to keep you occupied and involved. While there’s way more than these clubs to join and explore, here are the top clubs you might enjoy.

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A- Art Club meets Tuesdays in room 245. If you don’t know where that is, just follow the artwork near the cafeteria. For those who want to pursue art past the dabbling in set subjects in art class, Art Club provides an outlet. If you enjoy DIY crafts, helping the community with creativity, and teamwork, this club is for you.


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C- Chocolate Book Club is for those who enjoy the sweeter side of life. Explore the genres you love and meet new people who share your interests while munching on some chocolate candies. Books, chocolate, what more do you need? See you in the media center conference rooms during lunch on fridays.


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D- Drama Club is highly popular for actors, actresses, singers, and dancers alike. This year, the theatre department is busy working on Frankenstein, the annual fall play. Come meet and learn some theatre skills every Friday in the black box.


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F- FCCLA is a school organization dedicated to teaching students leadership skills that will help them later in life. If you’re tired of learning pointless concepts in classes and are seeking some real life application skills including leadership and dealing with societal issues, FCCLA is for you. The group meets every Thursday in room 506 during lunch.


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G- Game Time Club is for those interested in watching, talking about, and/or playing sports. Meeting in the round house every Friday during lunch, GTC is open to athletic and non- athletic students looking to meet new people with similar interests in sports.

K- Knowledge Bowl is a great club for those looking to expand upon and put their scholastic abilities to the test. If classroom Jeopardy is a favorite of yours and you enjoy working in teams to achieve a common goal, head down to room 313 from 3-5 pm. Knowledge Bowl meets every day, so be sure you’re able to make it!


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M- Mu Alpha Theta Honors Society is for those who are looking to pursue a bit more when it comes to math. Heads up – you must be under a senior and have completed College Algebra or be currently enrolled in PreCalculus in order to sign up for the national association focused on inspiring a love for math. If you meet these requirements and are interested in activities such as tutoring, competing, and learning in math, go to the roundhouse on the second Monday of every month during lunch.


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N- National Art Honors Society, or NAHS, is a step up from art class and art club. NAHS is for students looking to use art to interact in not only the community, but the city, state, and even other countries using art. To join a team who works hard on service-based art projects, students must have at least 2 years of art experience from Fossil. To join, head to room 245 on the second Tuesday of every month during lunch.

P- Philosophy Club may sound complicated, but if you’re interested in discussion and intellectual conversation, it is simply to enhance critical thinking skills and logically ground yourself. If any of that made sense to you, head down to room W108 on Thursdays and Fridays from 3- 4:30 after school.


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R- Ridgebotics is the robotics club in which students design, build, program, and operate their very own robot. If you’re interested in the sciences of engineering and are willing to compete against other teams, come to room 215 Monday through Thursday at 3pm.

S- Spectrum Alliance is a student-run group that focuses on gay- straight alliance here at Fossil. Those of all sexualities and genders (or lack thereof) are welcome to snack and talk in the LGBTQA+ safe space. Meet some new people in room N205 every Tuesday at lunch.

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T- Technical Theatre Club draws in students that are interested in what goes on behind the scenes of theatre- such as lighting, sound, and technical equipment required to set the stage. Be prepared to work alongside theatre, band, and any other events held at Fossil. To get involved, come to room 241 on Fridays from 3-4 pm.


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W- Writers Guild is a club focused on honing student’s writing skills and giving them a time to just sit, write, and relax. Write songs, stories, plays, poems, books, or a passage in your journal and share with your peers to get constructive criticism to improve your writing. If you’re interested in hearing guest speakers and having a time set aside for writing, come to room N207 on Wednesdays and stay from 3-4 pm.

Of course, these aren’t all the clubs available at Fossil. If none of these applied to your interests, browse many more here. If you still have yet to find a cub that involves your interests, try to make a new one! Fossil’s student led clubs are just as successful and fun to join. Here at Fossil, students are top priority. To do so, see Mr. Nye in the North Wing office. Have fun and enjoy being able to learn life skills and make some new friends in the process.