Recap of Fossil girls golf success


Hunter Ritchie

The 2018 girls golf regular season is coming to a close with regionals coming up very soon. The season was a smashing success with the Fossil Ridge High School  girls winning the district by a landslide. Fossil golf is notorious for being best in Northern Colorado and one of the best in the state between both the boys and girls teams. The girls team won 7 tournaments out 11 which is almost unheard of in the sport.

The team managed to win the district over the course of those 11 tournaments by a total of 123 strokes. The margin by which the team managed to take  districts might not sound like the biggest number. However, once you consider how one single stroke can make the difference between a tournament win and a loss it seems much more significant. Especially when only spread between 11 tournaments, thats an average of just over 11 strokes per tournament. What it comes down to is that the competitions was absolutely obliterated.  

Some of the Fossil girls had a few rounds this season that were outstanding and far above average not only for themselves but for everybody. One of the rounds were by the number one golfer on the team Leigha Devine shooting one under par (71) at harmony country club as well as even par at southridge (71). Another golfer Kayla only had shot two rounds in the 80’s this season meaning that she was consistent and was a team member they could depend on at every tournament.

As of the first week of May in 2018 Fossil Ridge girls golfers are officially 2 time regional champions. Not only is the school and history of the team 2 time regional champs but team has done it 2 years in a row. Winning regionals this year will surely give them confidence to go into the state tournament located at Boulder Country Club this year. They had a great 4th place finish last year in the state tournament, but that 4th place finish has left them hungry for more and they want to win it all. As head coach Andy Stevens put it “We had a really good year, and we saw lots of improvement from an already talented lineup. We’re excited for the state tournament, we have a good chance at contending and we have got a lot of potential and opportunities.”. So their outlook on the future state tournament and future years is better than ever.