Sabercat Stories: Jonathan Chevalier


Charlotte Schaefer

Jonathan Chevalier is a 16-year-old junior at Fossil Ridge High School. He grew up in Saint-Marc, Haiti, in an orphanage. Jonathan was adopted at the age of five when he grew up in O’Fallon, Missouri. After that, his family lived in Montana for several years and then moved to Fort Collins, Colorado. Jonathan has a large family of 14 siblings: eight of them are adopted and six of them are biological to his adoptive parents. Jonathan is new at Fossil this year and really enjoys the school spirit.

His favorite class is History. He likes going to school because he enjoys learning new things and interacting with interesting people. His motivation for going to Fossil is to make an impact on the soccer team, learning new things, making new friends, doing extracurricular activities, and continuing his education.

Outside of school, Jonathan really enjoys playing music, hanging out with friends, and playing soccer. Jonathan has played soccer for eight years straight. He transferred teams from his previous high school to the Fossil Ridge team last season. However, he didn’t play this year because he moved and was late arriving in the fall season and missed tryouts for the teams. In spite of this, he is really looking forward to playing next year for Fossil and playing for a good soccer club.

After he graduates, Jonathan really wants to go to the University of Utah because he can play soccer for it. After college, he wants to see where soccer takes him, but as for education he wants, to go to college to get his generals done and then enroll in a dental hygienist program for two years and pursue a career in dental hygiene.