Player Profile: Lucy Bell


Lucy Bell and her Fossil Ridge teammates encourage each other.

Corlea Miller, Sport's Writer

Lucy Bell, Fossil Ridge High School Sophomore and devout swimmer, has an impressive journey of success that has brought her to a place that is inspiring to all. Bell began swimming when she was just seven years old, making this year her eighth year and counting. Bell ultimately chose the sport of swim because when she first tried it she fell in love and did not want to stop. Initially what sparked her passion was having a great team that encouraged her and made her better, making the sport that much more fun for her. Bell explains that she loves swim for being an individual sport, thus your success depends on you, while it offers the collaboration and support of a team sport. Bell continues swimming and competing because she has lots of fun with the sport and the fact that she wants to swim in college keeps her going as well. 

Bell describes her thoughts on how this year of swimming is going so far as, “It has been challenging because we got a new coach so we’re getting lots of new workouts but it’s been going very well and I’m having fun.” Bell is looking forward to this year in anticipation for the Olympic Trials, as well as getting another new coach who is coming from coaching Fast, another swim team. She is excited to see how her new coach will work with her team and teach her new skills. 

A successful season for Bell would consist of dropping her times at events and doing well at the end of the season meet. Bell outlines her strengths in swimming as her quality of being coachable, as this really helps with getting technique down and improving things that need improving. Another quality of Bell’s that helps her excel is her perseverance and ability to push through even when the going gets rough. Bell says an area that she could improve in is the mental side of things. She has to work hard to stay positive and keep the confidence to stay encouraged. 

Bell’s main motivations for swimming are all the different records she could break and cuts to make—these help keep her eye on the prize and putting in the extra work. She prepares for a meet by first getting a lot of sleep, drinking a lot of water, and tapering, which is focusing on recovery and not overly exerting herself. Before a big meet, Bell experiences a lot of stress but describes using that emotion to get excited and in the right headspace. Bell is determined to swim in college, either at Stanford University or California Polytechnic State University. Her inspiration is Olympic winning swimmer Maya DiRado because Bell feels like she is very relatable and she was also very successful academically, earning a perfect score on the SAT, and attending Stanford University. Bell outlines her short term goals as getting another Olympic Trial cut this season. Her long term goals are to get into Stanford and make it onto the National Team.

Bell is proud to have some awesome achievements in her swim career, which have been making it onto the National Junior Team and making all of her Olympic Trial cuts. Bell’s biggest supporters have been both of her parents, as they never fail to support her. Even when she feels like she is lacking, they are always able to get her back on her feet. 

Bell recounts a setback she previously experienced when she went through a period where she was feeling unmotivated and a little burnt out with swim, struggling to get herself to practices and meets. She is thankful for her teammates who encouraged her and made practice fun, bringing back her passion to swim. Bell definitely sees swim still being a part of her life five years from now, as she will still be in college swimming competitively, continuing to extend her skills and passion. 

Bell appreciates all of the countless lessons swim has taught her, but the most important one to her has been understanding that the numbers and technical aspect of swim should not be all you care about. Your attitude and your sportsmanship are what should truly matter to you. She believes, “If you are just a good person, everything else will fall into place and work out.” Lucy Bell is a perfect symbol of determination and steadfastness, and her story will speak inspiration to all who hear it.