Students dance the night away at a magical homecoming


Caroline Sears, Activities Writer

Students from every grade level and every group came together for Fossil Ridge High School’s 2019 homecoming dance. Students came to the dance for different reasons, but everyone was united this past Saturday, October 26. 

Caroline Sears
The gym was decorated to represent iconic scenes from the Harry Potter novels.

The small gym was opened for students to wait inside and set their things down before continuing through the 9 ¾ wall into the Hogwarts dance floor. Decorated to fit the theme, Halloween at Hogwarts, the gym was transformed into a magical experience.

Students gave mixed reviews about the dance, theme, and overall experience. One freshman and proud Hufflepuff, Meredith Lang, said she came because “I just wanted to have fun with friends”

 “I like the Halloween (theme), but Hogwarts I’m not really a fan of,” said another freshman.



Jay Hirning, a junior, stated, “The purpose of homecoming is to get everyone together and connect as one whole community, for the time being,”

No matter why they came or their thoughts on the theme, there is no question that everyone came together for a magical evening.

Caroline Sears
Girls dance the macerena.
Caroline Sears
Students dance to classic pop songs like “Fergalicious”.
Stephen Elias
Senior Nikki Haabestad has dressed according to the theme all four years. This year, Jay Hirning, a junior, joined her.
Student body-surfs the crowd.
Stephen Elias
Hiring stated, “It’s fun to find someone who wants to do something different and stand out”
Stephen Elias
Couples enjoy a slow dance to oldies like “Stand by Me”
Caroline Sears
The dance was an opportunity to let loose and enjoy time with friends for many students.