Hands on Learning at Fossil

Ridge WRX logo

Ridge WRX logo

Emily VanGundy, Academics Writer

Ridge WRX is a new project based learning class where students have the opportunity get English, Social Studies, and Business credits by doing projects in the community. Students are currently working on a variety of projects like creating a machine that recycles extra plastic from 3D printers, getting Timnath to plant more trees, doing job shadows, writing a play, working with senior advisories, and so much more. Students get to choose their projects and their only requirements are to reach a certain amount of Business, Social Studies and English standards with each project. 

Learning more about this new program, I asked one of the teachers, Erin Carson, why the program started and why she got involved. She said, “there was a need for a different type of learning and basic lectures don’t work for everyone.” She got involved because, “I saw the value in project based learning and it can do amazing things,” for the students and for the community. 

Carson also mentioned that she likes how this program is not super structured and that it is, “controlled chaos.” Ridge WRX allows students more freedom in their learning that benefits them and keeps them more intrigued. 

I also talked with a Senior that is very involved in the program, Connor Dalrymple. I asked Dalrymple what his opinion of the program is and how it is affecting his senior year so far. He stated, “it’s fun and stressful at the same time, but I really like it a lot.” He also mentioned that it is making his senior year a lot more, “laid back” but he is getting a lot out of this class. Dalrymple is one of the students who is working on the trees in Timnath project, writing a play, and working with Senior advisories.  

Ridge WRX is a great opportunity that Fossil has given students. Although it is very new to the school, it has already had a lot of positive outcomes and the students and teachers involved are very happy with it. This course is helping a lot of students with life skills that they will use in college, and in their careers after. Life skills such as how to work in a team, how to write professional emails and talk to people of higher power, working with deadlines and stressful projects, and so much more are taught in and out of the classroom. 

If Ridge WRX is an interest to you and you want to get involved as soon as possible, reach out to Carson, Stevens, or Hanauer. They would be happy to have you and help you to achieve great things.