Girls basketball defeats Windsor in first playoff-game


Nick Bell

Jazi Barela calls for the ball during a play in the opening stages of the game

Nick Bell

On Friday, February 28, a topnotch Fossil Ridge High School girl’s basketball team defeated an energetic Windsor High School side 64-42, in the first game of their playoff journey. 

Every win comes from an effective strategy or mindset. When asked what his key to success on the night was, Coach Menefee replied, “We had, written up on the board, ‘trust your work.’ These girls have worked so hard for so long to get to where they’re at as players so I wanted them to trust that and when they had shots that they could take I wanted them to take them.”

Fossil’s control over the game was apparent from the start. An intensive full court press accompanied by electric, aggressive offense lead to an early 10-3 lead.

Every strong sports team is chasing the championship their entire postseason. Every strong playoff run starts with a specific mentality. Coach Menefee explained what could take his team all the way, stating, “Senior leadership and our depth. It’s great to have the seniors that we do but it’s also great to have girls coming off the bench, no matter their grade.”

Nick Bell
Jessica Rockwell goes up for layup

Fossil were not only more dynamic than their opponents, but also far more clinical. The net rippled a satisfying SWISH after Fossil shot a three pointer or free-throw. Windsor, however, failed to make several free-throws and other major shot attempts.

Windsor, however, did not give up. Windsor brought an industrious game plan and rowdy fans. Chants of “Airball!” after every Fossil error could be heard throughout the game, as well as boo’s whenever Fossil made a mistake. Windsor wasn’t going out without a fight.

Fossil saw the vitality and tenacity of Windsor and knew they had to hammer home the win to stifle any chance of a comeback. Through hard earned rebounds and field goals, along with stupefying three-point plays, Fossil fought hard to keep their lead. The game was over far before the final buzzer, however, as the score was 53-27 before the fourth quarter even started. 

Nick Bell
Alexis Kohler sinks a three-pointer

Fossil coasted to a 22 point win margin. Even when Fossil seemed to let their foot off the gas, they were still in comfortable control of the lead.

One of the more interesting moments of the night was after a misplay from Fossil. Coach Menefee told one of his players to inbound a ball to another player who wasn’t paying attention. This resulted in Fossil losing possession. Rather than accost his player for not being aware, he took the blame and said “My fault.”

Menefee explains how much respect has factored into the girls’ impressive season, “I hope so. I hope the girls know that I have their back and that we’re all in this together. Decisions are always just educated hunches and I know they’re not always right.”

Friday’s game was a message to the entire league that the Fossil girls are thirsty for a championship. With momentum, talent, and a level-headed attitude Fossil are looking like a force to be reckoned with this postseason.