Sabercats start strong


Madalynn Lewis

Quinn Ybarro lunges into his opponent to gain control of the ball.

This week the boys’ varsity soccer team played two home games with a win of 10-0 shutout over Mountain Range before the second half started, and a loss of 0-1 to Fairview. 

On Monday, the Sabercats had a slow start warming up to their opponents but scored with 30 minutes remaining in the half. Their captain, Peyton Voelker, scored the first goal which made them eager to stay ahead. The Sabercats then scored four more goals within four minutes. When Fossil had a comfortable 5-0 lead over the Mustangs with 26 minutes left in the half, it became clear that the Mustangs had no chance of winning. As the half progressed the game looked more and more like a scrimmage. The Sabercats felt no pressure from Mountain Range. Four more goals were scored by Fossil sporadically throughout the rest of the half. Then, with only 30 seconds left in the half, Cameron Traylor scored the final goal of the game.

On Thursday, the team faced a slow defeat to the Fairview Knights, but not for a lack of effort. The Sabercat defense played aggressively throughout the entire game, allowing our midfielders and the offensive line to maintain possession for the majority of the game. Our goalie, Alex Miller, made two incredible saves before Fairview was able to score the winning goal with twenty minutes left in the second half. The score was not an accurate reflection of the Sabercats’ performance.