Fossil Ridge shows support for Scout


Dylan Heinrich

For four years Scout Grieves has brought smiles to Sabercats both in the hallways and in the stands. He has made such a profound impact on the Fossil family as someone who everybody loves. 

“Scout’s influence on the school community and anybody who he has been able to work or become friends with…he has influenced us in such a positive way…” said Coach Jake Leohr.

Scout has undergone brain surgery, and is on the road to recovery. The Fossil football team is showing support for their manager by selling shirts with the phrase “I’m with Scout”. 

“Scout is very popular at foxhole[the coffee shop]. He’s worked in the coffee shop…he’s very involved in football, basketball, he runs track…it’s very personal because he’s my little buddy…” said teacher Adam Waters.

Waters has been selling the shirts outside his coffee shop and has been quite successful, selling over 500 at this point.

Staff and students have been seen wearing the shirts all over Fossil throughout the past two weeks. The athletics programs have been big supporters, as the soccer team used the shirts to warm up, and with students at the football game wearing their shirts in support.

“It’s really overwhelming…I’ve known Scout since he was a Freshman here and getting a chance to work with him at school and the football team…just to see the amount of lives that Scout has improved himself…to see the Fossil community and Scout’s community really rise up and show support him, just a cool way to rally behind him,” Leohr said.

“It’s so cool. I love it, it just shows how big of a part of our family he is here at Fossil and how many people want to help support him and get him back here…So it was really cool to see everybody wearing those [shirts] Thursday night at the football game,” Waters said.

Shirts are still being sold if you don’t have one yet. Go see Waters at the coffee shop off the Commons for more information.