March art collection: A look back at a month’s work


Sydney Lammey

During downtime at the tattoo shop, I sat down and sketched this interesting character.

Sydney Lammey, Staff Writer

Throughout the month of March, I have expanded my horizons, welcoming new creative opportunities into my life. 

With a lot of guidance, I had the chance to job shadow a local tattoo artist at a tattoo collective in Fort Collins. Complications arose the first day I came in, but I used it as a chance to create more art, which ended up benefiting me more than the actual experience of shadowing. My second time visiting the shop, I was greeted by the artist I was scheduled with. It was interesting to see the interactions between the artists and the clients, and I definitely learned a lot from the few hours I was there. 

Over my time shadowing, the most important thing I was taught is that being a tattoo artist would not be in my future. I love making art and sharing it with others, but I can not picture myself working all day, every day, with no benefits. 

After that experience, I have reevaluated what I want the future of my art to be. My work throughout March was mostly sketches, no color, and no linework. I want April to be a new beginning for my artwork, with more vibrance and creativity.