Lambkins suffer a demoralizing 6-0 loss in a matchup versus Valor


Dylan Heinrich

Collins and Valor in a faceoff.

Jonny Tataje, Staff Writer

The Fort Collins Ice Hockey Team takes a 6-0 loss against the Valor Eagles at a home conference game on Friday. 

Coming out strong, Valor begins the first period with three well-targeted goals to make the score 3-0. Struggling on defense, the Lambkins knew they would have to step it up in order to have a chance at the malicious offense of Valor. With few opportunities on offense in the first period, they also knew they needed to open up more chances for their attackers to score.

“We expected Valor to come out the gates with speed and stay on the gas and move the puck well and really take advantage of our mistakes,” Braeden Kerr, a defender for the Lambkins, says in response to how they expected Valor to start off the game.

The second period was not any better as the Lambkins continued to struggle, allowing two more goals for the Eagles. 

Finishing off the game to the best of their ability, the Lambkins only allowed one more goal in the third period. While they still had slim chances on offense, the defense stepped it up to end the game. 

“The most challenging part of playing defense against Valor is their ability to gain speed on transitions and their puck movement in the zone,” Kerr says regarding their struggle on defense. 

Goalie Bennet Johnson hard at work deflecting incoming pucks. (Dylan Heinrich)

The Lambkins hope to end the year strong, however, their schedule is not light. They are focusing on improving many aspects of their game in order to display their hard work and skill. 

“As a team we are focusing on quicker transitions as well as passing and just getting more shots on net to create chaos and help us get chances,” Kerr says.

Facing another tough match against Denver East on Friday, January 27, the Lambkins hope they get the chance to show their true skill and come out victorious to advance to a record of 2-8.