Taking a Snooze with Sleeping Club


Photo Credits: Liam H. Flake

Liam H. Flake

“I really like sleeping,” said Esther Jeong, president and founder of Fossil Ridge High School’s Sleeping Club.

“I actually have a passion in it,” she continued, citing her inspiration for starting the organization. “We did Advisory passion projects. For that, I did sleeping jobs and bed testers. So I thought, why not making a sleeping club?”

Sleeping Club was established shortly after the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year. Since then, it has remained relatively unchanged. “We’re just here, and people sometimes come in to just take a quick nap before they go to class,” explained Jeong, detailing how the club operates. “Usually I’ll just eat lunch, and then I have a sleeping bag in the back of the room, so I’ll pull it out and start sleeping.” Sleeping Club offers a space for students in the back of the room where the club meets to store blankets, pillows, and other sleeping-related items.

The student-initiated organization was originally created to provide students with an opportunity to rest and recharge before their last class of the school day. “It gives you more energy to progress through the rest of the day,” Jeong stated. “If anybody wants to rest before they go to their last period of the day, then anyone’s welcome,” she continued.

According to Jeong, Sleeping Club is a comfortable and easy environment to sleep in. “It’s easy for me to fall asleep, because I’ve been doing that forever. There are some people who are really tired, especially during finals week,” she offered, “so before their last final they’ll come in and take a rest. It’s great; everyone should join.”

Sleeping Club takes place every Monday, Tuesday, and Friday during lunch in Room N116.