A Glance at the Elizabeth Hotel


Photo Credits: Liam H. Flake

Liam H. Flake

The first thing I noticed walking into the Elizabeth Hotel was the smell. A subtle, floral scent filled the air, setting the atmosphere of the luxury hotel in downtown Fort Collins.

The Elizabeth opened on December 4, 2017, at 111 Chestnut St. The hotel features live music, a rooftop bar, a restaurant and in-room vinyl record players. Room rates at the hotel start at about $160 per night.

The lobby of the Elizabeth hotel features a variety of furniture. Photo Credits: Liam H. Flake

Almost everything in the Elizabeth is a decadent, stainless bright white, with magnificent wooden doors and walls. Entering the hotel, one is greeted with the central spiral staircase, a recognizable icon. The staircase, in its twisting glory, leads up the second of five floors. To the right is the lobby- assorted furniture dots the room, and tables display orchestral instruments and books. A side room proudly contains a variety of high quality guitars hung behind glass, and ornate drawers house antique records for guests to borrow. A large pair of oak doors in the lobby leads to the Magic Rat, which features live music, and the Rooftop Sunset Lounge. Across the room is a dark, wooden hall, with doors to the four ballrooms on both sides and shelves lined up to the ceiling with antiques and objects of interest.

A long hallway from the Elizabeth leads to its related restaurant, the Emporium. Photo Credits: Liam H. Flake

The Emporium features a market, a liquor store, and a restaurant. Photo Credits: Liam H. Flake



At the end of the hall, a set of doors provides entry to The Emporium, the hotel’s attached restaurant and market. The Emporium hosts an abundance of delicious snacks and meals, from lobster macaroni and cheese and meatloaf to ice cream and a café to wine. Despite an inconvenient setup, requiring one to travel back and forth in order to purchase an item, the service is impeccable and polite, and the food is both delicious and within a reasonable price range.



A luxurious spiral staircase in the center of the Elizabeth connects the first and second floors of the hotel. Photo Credits: Liam H. Flake

The Elizabeth Hotel is a building from another era. Stepping through its doors, one is almost convinced that they have been transported to a vintage age, when hotels offered such luxury and lavishness as the Elizabeth does, despite the fact that both the hotel and the building are brand new . Hotels such as this are zeitgeist of another era, and have become a rarity in the modern day. In this sense the Elizabeth Hotel is a unique and promising addition to the Fort Collins landscape.