FBLA students excel at districts

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FBLA students excel at districts

Photo Credit: Alexandre Shappell

Photo Credit: Alexandre Shappell

Photo Credit: Alexandre Shappell

Photo Credit: Alexandre Shappell

Isabella Mahal

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Ashton Reneau and Annalea Zhao enjoy themselves at the district conference. Photo Credit: Alexandre Shappell

On Wednesday, February 7, members of Fossil Ridge High School’s Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) team competed at the district level competition at the Union Colony Civic Center in Greeley, Colorado. Fossil students performed well at this state qualifier, with nearly fifty top-five finishes. However, people who double qualify at districts can only compete in one event at state. That rule allows a wider variety of students to compete at the state competition.

FBLA events range from Accounting and Business Law to Journalism and Public Speaking. They cover a wide range of topics, and while some are presentation or speech based, others require their participants to take a test over specific knowledge. The top four competitors in role-play events at districts advance to State, while the top three from computer-based events do. For a more in-depth account of how an event might look, click here.

Alexandre Shappell and E Renae’ Antalan, a keynote speaker at the event. She is well-known by FBLA students for speeches that encourage them to be dedicated, passionate, and to grow. Photo Credit: Ayden Adair

Alexandre Shappell, junior, went to nationals for FBLA last year in Anaheim, California. He competed in Public Speaking again this competition, and achieved a perfect score of 100. That score is created from a combination of factors: the relevancy of the speech material to the rubric, the demeanor of the delivery, and even the dress code of the speaker. Shappell explains that it feels, “incredible to be able to say that I’ve accomplished one of my big goals for the year.” However, he isn’t stopping there. Besides the goal of reaching the national competition again, Shappell wants to speak at more events. He says that he would, “love to make this a large element of my career, going around to different conferences and sharing my message, motivating and inspiring people to live successful and fulfilling lives.” 

“It feels incredible to be able to say that I’ve accomplished one of my big goals for the year.””

— Alexandre Shappell

That spirit embodies the goals of FBLA. Though there is a common misconception that the club is intended only for business students, the skills learned from it extend far beyond the reaches of leadership. FBLA members consider one another family, supporting each other with every placement and award. Another large aspect of FBLA is what Shappell describes as a kind of “honor society”. By completing community service and several other activities, students earn ranks starting at “Future” and following the FBLA acronym to “America”. Reaching the “America” rank guarantees the student a place at the national competition, and is extraordinarily difficult. Lisa Landwehr became Fossil’s first student to ever reach the rank last year.

The state FBLA competition will be held April 18, 19, and 20 in Vail, Colorado. Be sure to wish the FBLA students you see around the halls good luck as they begin several months of preparing for their next opportunity.

Name Event Place
Courtney Stone Accounting 1 1
David Salmon Accounting 1 3
Quinten Nugent Accounting 1 4
Dylan Ellis AgriBusiness 1
Taylor Lyle AgriBusiness 2
EmmaKate Raisley Business Calculations 4
Chelsea Wang Business Communications 1
StevieJo Davis Business Communications 4
Will Cutchin Business Law 3
Arnold Pfahnl Computer Problem Solving 3
Jeannie Zhang Economics 3
James Zheng Health Care Administration 1
Natalie Liao Health Care Administration 4
Reece Wilson Insurance and Risk Management 1
Caden Keate Insurance and Risk Management 2
StevieJo Davis Insurance and Risk Management 4
Ryan Zhang Intro to Business 1
Dane Harnisch Intro to Business 2
Kylan Jin Intro to Business 4
Ting-Hsuan Hsu Intro to Business Communications 4
Jonathan Thornton Intro to FBLA 4
Ryan Zhang Intro to Information Technology 2
Audric Whang Intro to Information Technology 4
Annalea Zhao Journalism 4
Joshua Thornton Networking Concepts 4
Joshua Thornton Organizational Leadership 2
James Zheng, Dylan Ellis, Arnold Pfahnl, Reese Wilson, Miles Scharte Parliamentary Procedure 1
Gracie Finnegan Personal Finance 4
Caden Keate Securities and Investments 3
Fossil Ridge High School Name Tag 2
XinXin Liu Computer Applications 1
Courtney St. Cyr Word Processing 3
Angelina Nylund Word Processing 4
Cutchin, Yang Banking and Financial Systems 2
Nylund Client Service 3
Idate, Sahasrabudhe Emerging Business Issues 1
Peddi Entrepreneurship 3
Jabs Impromptu Speaking 1
Bates Impromptu Speaking 2
McMurray, Powell Marketing 4
Alexandre Shappell Public Speaking 1
Lyle, Shad Publication Design 2
Tiana Chavez Sales Presentation 2
Reneaw, Zhao Social Media Campaign 1
Finnegan, Wang Social Media Campaign 2