Fossil loses to Centaurus on opening night


Madalynn Lewis

Matthew Peyramaure takes advantage of a break away.

Madalynn Lewis, Sports Beat Leader

Fossil Ridge High School varsity soccer team suffered a loss to Centaurus High School, ending with a 3-6 defeat. The game was well fought on each side, but the score accurately reflected the game as a whole.

The first half of the match was an intense 40 minutes. Both teams played smart and hard. Fossil started the game off with a goal four minutes into the half. For thirteen minutes there was intense back and forth play, resulting in a goal for Centaurus. With the game now tied tensions ran high on and off of the field. The crowd was intently watching the game waiting for the tiebreaker goal. That came ten minutes after when Centaurus waltzed through Fossil’s defensive line and ended the half with a score of 1-2.

The second half started off with another Centaurus goal less than two minutes into the half. With the score now 1-3 the Sabercats started to look weary. Six minutes later Centaurus scored again, which made the score 1-4. In response to the sudden goals, Caleb Schimmels rocketed the ball into the net from just inside the 18-yard box. With the Sabercats confidence back up, the game seemed to resume. Fossil fought hard for nearly twenty minutes earning them another goal on a free kick, but a defensive error cost them another goal. Now the score was 3-5 with only 14 minutes left in the game, Fossil knew they needed to get themselves back into the game. The fourteen minutes crawled by with every passing minute the Sabercats knew the situation was deteriorating. With only twelve seconds left in the game, Fossil allowed another goal, ending the game with a final score of 3-6.